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[Newbie question] Stereo recording from phone line-in - mouchon_fr - 11-27-2021


I have what would seem to be a very basic question which I am struggling to figure out.

I'd like to use AudioEvolution on my phone (or tablet) to record stereo audio through line-in.

I'm using an RCA -> standard mini-jack (TRS) which is plugged into my phone/tablet. But when recording, it's capturing the sound from the phone microphone and not from the line-in.

If I go to Settings -> Preferred audio input I see the built-in microphones but not the line-in.

Do I need a special mini-jack (TRRS) to simulate a headphone with mic? Can that get me stereo recording?

If not, should I be using a USB-c / mini-jack adapter (something like this: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0828TV3XH)? These seem to be designed for playing audio not recording.

Any help is appreciated :-)

RE: [Newbie question] Stereo recording from phone line-in - dwrae - 11-28-2021

First of all, phones do not have a line in. They only have a mono mic input.
For proper line level recording, you need a USB audio interface. The cheapest are devices like a Behringer UC222 (without input gain control), but please have a look at other ones from Behringer, Steinberg, Lexicon, Alesis, etc.