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Audio Glow compatibility - 1q1q6q - 12-25-2021

This is a longshot, but here it goes anyway.

Here is this audio visualization app called Audio Glow which stopped responding to music once I switched to UAPP. Sadly the app seemed to have been abandoned for sometime and I am not sure if the dev is still interested in updating it.

If anything, I use the UAPP with its own audio driver as opposed to Android's native one - that may have something to do with it. Funny thing is it works like once in 50 times, but I am not really sure what permutation of options or just by pure luck it works or doesn't. At least it works sometimes if ever so rarely at that.

Any idea where I should start looking? Thanks!

RE: Audio Glow compatibility - dwrae - 12-25-2021

If you are using a USB DAC, then the Andorid audio system is completely bypassed and no other app will ever get to the audio data. Only if the connection is not made right, the app could possibly play throug the Android driver and you would see Android or Direct in front of the target sample rate.

RE: Audio Glow compatibility - 1q1q6q - 12-25-2021

Found out something new: it probably has something to do with software vs. hardware volume control (or lack thereof?). The USB DAC was inadvertently disconnected/recoonected a couple of times, and as a result I am only seeing the android's built-in volume slider instead of the UAPP's volume control screen that gets spawned automatically. This somehow resolved the Audio glow response probelm I was having.

The thing is, I use UAPP only in my car tablet which is auto suspended/resume by ACC power presence. In my previous experience, when the Audio glow started working by accident, it went right back to dysfunctional on the next auto-resume. Will experiment some more tomorrow and report back.