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Lg v30 codec ldac - Jgmohe - 01-04-2022

Hi! I’ using a lgv30 and new Hiby WH2 earbuds. When ldac enabled the usb audio pro player App shows: Android 48hz, original source: 192hz. Could not get the 96hz that I’m supposed to get. Obviously when i plug the wired headphones it shows: direct 192hz. I use Qobuz.  

RE: Lg v30 codec ldac - dwrae - 01-04-2022

Please try 'Use with Bluetooth' in the app's 'Internal HiRes audio' settings.

RE: Lg v30 codec ldac - Jgmohe - 01-04-2022

Hi again! That worked perfectly. Thank you very much, I didn’t want to change much of the settings in case I touch something that I shouldn’t. Thanks!