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Data use question - MarkSwanson - 01-16-2022

Hello folks, I am new to Audio Evolution Mobile. I really like it, but after making a few test recordings and using up all my available space on my Samsung tablet I seem to be having trouble clearing it out again. I have deleted all my test projects, including the stuff I exported to use in another DAW. My project list is blank, and so is the export folder in the Portal. 
I have deleted everything I can find but I am still told that the app is eating up 9GB of space on the tablet. 
The folder that is in the Android location on my tablet that I can only see when connected to a computer shows the WAV files from two projects still there, even though I deleted everything using the "delete project" function within the app. When I try to delete those I am told the folder is write-protected.
So, how can I clear out all that data?

RE: Data use question - Kris Kronar - 01-16-2022

Hey Mark. When you deleted projects did you click on these options?

RE: Data use question - MarkSwanson - 01-17-2022

Thank you, yes that is exactly how I deleted them.