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uapp vs android versions - Zolika - 02-11-2022

Hi, I've just bought second hand an older acer iconia a500 to feed my usb dac with uapp.
Based on this:
- http://www.extreamsd.com/index.php/products/usb-audio-player-pro  -> "CONNECTING A USB DAC You can use any Android device, given that it runs Android 3.1 or higher..."
- SUPPORTED ANDROID DEVICES:  "Iconia Tab A500 Has a full-sized USB port next to a micro USB port"

But it is not supported???!!! In google play: Android 5.0 minimum!

(I try this tablet because there is a clicking/popping audio issue with my samsung s10...)
I bought uapp & parametric eq.

I'm a little confused... Thanks!

RE: uapp vs android versions - dwrae - 02-14-2022

USB host is available on Android 3.1 or higher. The A500 is ancient, sorry, but the minimum Android version for UAPP is 5.0 and for AEMS 4.4.