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Add audio/L16 (aka LPCM) support to UPnP renderer - bubbleguuum - 03-25-2022


BubbleUPnP developer here.

It would be nice if the UPnP renderer in UAPP implemented audio/L16 support (also known as LPCM).
This is a PCM format similar to WAV (minus the WAV header and with samples in Big-Endian byte order).

The reason is that L16 is the preferred format for live streams over UPnP.
The alternative is WAV, but it not ideal as WAV is a file format (with a duration limited to its maximum 4GB size),
and WAV does not work currently with UAPP for live streams.
Many UPnP renderers also expect to be able to buffer WAV extremely fast and abort if not the case.
No such assumption (in term of buffering) should be made with L16 and it should work with very minimal buffering,
using a single http request for the whole stream (no intermediate http "Range" requests).

If you were to add support for it, make sure to add all mime-types with samplerate/channels supported in protocolInfo: