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Song fully recorded with AEM - Jay - 09-22-2022

Wow, very impressed with Audio Evolution Mobile Studio. I have had it for years but this time I tried to push it and see if I could record, mix and master a complete song on it...

I ran AEM on a very old ASUS TF-700T tablet running Android 6. The tablet has a superb 10" screen which makes using AEM quite a bit easier.

So I recorded a total of 14 tracks:
- 1 drum track
- 1 bass track,
- 1 guitar solo track
- 1 guitar fills track
- 1 6 string acoustic track
- 1 12 string acoustic track
- 2 harmonica tracks
- 6 vocal tracks (main, main double tracked, 4 harmonies)

I applied the following effects: high pass filter on most tracks, bit of reverb on one vocal, EQs and compression on most tracks and a de-esser on the vocals. Also used quite a bit of automation.
Mixing with AEM is good although I found that it automatically reduces the master dB level by a multiple of -3dBs based on individual track peaks... Didn't know how to stop this from happening other than limiting each individual track's dB level via compression.

The latter I used to master the final WAV file to -3dB level to achieve a reasonable loudness level compared to other music recordings.

Needless to say my 10 year old tablet was struggling at times but I am happy with the result.

What I would like to do now is run AEM on Windows 10 in an Android emulator (Bluestacks?) so I don't have to use Reaper anymore. Biggrin

Here is a link to the song:
My Song

RE: Song fully recorded with AEM - Jay - 10-14-2022

And a youtube link as well: https://youtu.be/bUqsRkH256Y