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Failed to connect to Cast target! - makitasunrise - 12-06-2022


I'm pretty sure the Chromecast feature is not really a priority, but it's the only thing that stops me from using UAPP on a daily basis.

My problem is that UAPP cannot reconnect to Chromecast after the connection has been lost for some reason, or another app was using Chromecast. In this case I always have to wait minutes, before I can try again. I guess this is connected to the fact that while other apps can take over casting while another app is using the device, UAPP is unable to do the same.

RE: Failed to connect to Cast target! - iganiats - 12-29-2022

I have the exact same thing using a Samsung S20 ultra and One UI  5 (Android 13). 
I have the latest version ( and my phone is not rooted. 

I have noticed that behavior before version