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Distorted audio - superstoopie@ziggo.nl - 03-10-2023


I've recently purchased Audio Evolution Mobile and the eXtreame driver. Purchased an OTG cable.
First test it with an older Samsung galaxy tab A (2016). Connected to Behringer X-Air 18 for recording. Working ok !

Purchased an Samsung Tab A8 with more storage for recording. New OTG cable (USB c).
No matter what I change on latency settings etc, recordings keep sounding distorted/cracking.

No warnings etc. 
If I check latency with the more button, it says settings are ok.

Any suggestions ?


RE: Distorted audio - dwrae - 03-11-2023

Dear Marc,

The Tab A8 has a UNISOC chipset which has a bug in its USB implementation. Unfortunately, no reliable recordings can be made with it as far as we can tell, neither does MIDI work reliably.

RE: Distorted audio - superstoopie@ziggo.nl - 03-11-2023


thanks for this answer.

That's a dissapointment, since I specially purchased the nre tablet for this purpose.
Is it a software or hardware bug; eg can I expect this to be solved in future Samsung/Android updates ?
Otherwise I have to try to return this table for antoher one.
Is there a list with compliant tablets for your tools ?


RE: Distorted audio - dwrae - 03-13-2023

Since we are not Samsung, we cannot know. It is just our observation from several users with devices containing such a chip. We recommend using the Tab S series. Please note that the more channels a USB audio interface has, the more chances there are on audio glitches and problems in general on Android. So if you really want to use the X-Air, we recommend going for an iPad with Audio Evolution Mobile Studio.