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Caustic like synth plug-in - mcamire - 10-21-2015

Hello ,

I  already wrote Davy regarding this but would like to know if there are others interested in having a Caustic like synth as an A.E.M. plugin. Such a synth would benefit from the external Otg Audio/Midi sound card thus bypassing the Android sound board completely. Would this be possible at all ? Integrating such a synth in A.E.M. would give a lot of possibilities I think . Is this science-fiction ?

Thanks !

RE: Caustic like synth plug-in - riban - 10-24-2015

I would love to see this. I use AEM and Caustic in my song writing workflow. Currently I must do all my Caustic stuff then import it to AEM. It would be great to have the ability to sync Caustic with AEM or better still, embed it within AEM. Failing that, providing something like LV2 plugin hosting (for both synths and effects) would be great.

RE: Caustic like synth plug-in - deniou - 12-06-2017

And other instrument like DRC, PHASE84... As plugins.... But I guess it's not for tomorrow. But I hope it will come.... it should! Would need something like AudioUnit for Android!