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Other radio stations problem - jensen44 - 05-20-2023

I have a problem playing from "Other radio stations". When I start playback (from various sources) playback usually stops after a short time and cannot be easily resumed. Tested on Samsung A51 and Realme 8. Appears even when the display is active. Sometimes a time out message appears. After stopping the application, it does not freeze, but does not respond to pressing play. Would I expect display buffering? These are streams in CD+ quality. It manifests itself when using data or Wi-Fi. When I play the same stream through VLC, there is no interruption.; http://amp.cesnet.cz:8000/cro-d-dur.flac

RE: Other radio stations problem - dwrae - 05-22-2023

PLease go into the app's Network settings and experiment with the 3 HTTP clients to see if that improves things.

RE: Other radio stations problem - jensen44 - 05-23-2023

Thanks for directing me to fix the problem. Changing the HTTP alone did not solve the problem. However, it seems after one day of testing that setting the Network chunk size to 256; OkHTTP; uncheck Quick start is the solution for me.