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Questions about MQA - Tuxlin - 07-09-2023

First of all thanks a lot for this great app Biggrin

My device is the Fiio R7 and i try to have MQA playback directly on the device without the additional effort
of USB playback trickery.

As i am new to MQA and digital music formats, i still have to understand some stuff. The Fiio R7 shall support MQA 8x unfolding.
But when i use the tidal app, it shows master while playback but the fiio Leds get yellow but not magenta. In the upper status
bar i get 88Khz or 96Khz but no MQA symbol. What a dissapointment at first. Undecided 

Then after some reading i found and bought uapp with MQA decoder plugin. Uapp said internal decoding on this device is supported and
the sound is amazing. I still have some questions:

1.) Do i have the best decoding quality possible?
2.) Are the differences between status bar and Uapp regarding sample rate because of Uapps android audio bypassing?

[Image: Unbenannt-Sharpen-AI-Motion.jpg]

Thanks a lot in advance for enlightening me.


RE: Questions about MQA - dwrae - 07-10-2023

As far as I can tell, MQA decoding is not happening, given the 48kHz indication in the notification area. The app cannot know whether MQA decoding is truly happening on this device, so what it does is display the sample rate according to what it expects the device to do (which is correct on other FiiO's). So FiiO might have changed something or bit-perfect is not enabled. Can you please check the latter?