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Soundfont preview behavior - James J - 11-13-2015

When I'm setting up an instrument track and choosing a sound font, I love how each press on the name of the preset plays back a note, one octave higher each time...I noticed that MIDI input is active as well, so I can audition the sound with my MIDI keyboard before I select it...however, here's the issue....

When I click on the name of a preset within the soundfont, a note is played. There is no note-off message when I release my finger...it sustains...so when I try to play a few notes on the keyboard to test out the sound, there is still a low note ringing in the background. But there is no way to select the preset without tapping it, which plays back a note that keeps ringing.

Maybe there should be a note-off message when an incoming MIDI message is received....this would stop the ringing note and allow me to hear what I'm playing on the keyboard.