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MIDI clock sync - antistatic81 - 11-19-2015

It will be amazing, when AEM will generate and receive MIDI clock, to sync grooveboxes etc. Wink

RE: MIDI clock sync - nicoxnoise - 05-20-2016

Hello all,

I wanted to start a new thread about this, but i've seen this post so i come here to ask if you planed to add this features ?

thanks a lot for your answer

(anyway you software is awsome, you did incredible work ;-) )

RE: MIDI clock sync - motosega - 06-09-2016

I'd love this too, master or slave would be fine, I really need some kind of sync to integrate this with my hardware sequencer.

RE: MIDI clock sync - Prenda - 05-15-2019


is there any news on this? Anyone can imagine a different way for syncing external gear?


RE: MIDI clock sync - Nogray - 03-05-2020

Yes, we really need midi clock here!