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Import MIDI BPM - tonybrez - 11-26-2015

Scenario:  Working on a project that is set to 110 BPM.  Have 5 or 6 tracks of audio.  I then want to import a midi drum track.  It seems the midi drum track changes the BPM of the project!?! 

Question:  Is there a way to import a midi drum track but, keep the original BPM of the project?  Or, am I doing some thing wrong?


RE: Import MIDI BPM - tonybrez - 11-28-2015

Update:  It still changes the tempo when I import a midi drum track when audio already exists.
My work around... just remember to change back to the original tempo after import of midi file.  It works but, I think it's still a bug.

RE: Import MIDI BPM - dwrae - 11-30-2015

It's not really a bug since audio has no tempo related to it, so the tempo is taken from a MIDI file when there is no MIDI clip present yet.

RE: Import MIDI BPM - tonybrez - 11-30-2015

I realize audio has no tempo per se.  But, the project has a set tempo.  How else would the metronome get it's information?

After further thought, it may have something to do with the embedded tempo within the midi drum track that I am importing.  
I believe it to be a midi 1 spec (with each drum on a single track).  The midi file itself seems to be forcing the tempo to the tempo it was originally recorded.

My work around works fine for now.  I re-set the tempo back to my original project tempo after midi file import.