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Metronome Keyboard Shortcut - IanJTurner - 11-30-2015

I mentioned this in the bug report thread, but thought I'd post in the proper place, as it's a feature request rather than a bug query.

A metronome on/off keyboard shortcut would be really useful as, when recording, I will often want the metronome on - then I will want to turn it off when previewing the take - having to open the dialogue and find the button each time is quite problematic - as I will generally have my hands full with a giutar or be in position on a mic. Contantly fumbling around to toggle the click on and off tends to interrupt the flow when recording.

Hope you can inculde this feature in a future release. I really love this app - I used to have to record acoustic stuff in a seperate room, to avoid the hum of my computer's CPU fan - now I can just turn off the computer and record the acoustic stuff on my tablet. Perfect.