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Naming groups - OldMasterTime - 12-15-2015

Hi,  I've looked everywhere for the ability to name groups and can't see it.  If it doesn't exist, it would be very useful to have as it's difficult to keep track of which instruments are going to which group.


RE: Naming groups - dwrae - 12-16-2015

You can rename a group by long-pressing on the group name.

RE: Naming groups - OldMasterTime - 12-18-2015

I tried that before posting the original request, so I must be missing something, but when I long press on the group name I get 'group options' which only has two options, 'remove group' and 'add new group', both of which work exactly as you would expect?

Are there only certain circumstances in which this rename option will appear?


RE: Naming groups - dwrae - 12-18-2015

Please try a little bit up. The other pop-up menu comes up when you select just underneath the group name. If you don't succeed, please let us know which Android device you have.

RE: Naming groups - OldMasterTime - 12-18-2015

Ahh, thanks, got it.  I'm on a Samsung Tab 2 and even with that big screen the margin of error is quite small.

As this is an enhancements thread maybe the end-point of this post is to ask for a minor usability enhancement to help people get to this functionality as it is seriously useful to have.

Thanks for your help, so pleased to have got this.

RE: Naming groups - OldMasterTime - 12-18-2015

Actually, wouldn't it make sense to add a 'rename group' menu item to the group options context menu - then you wouldn't need the 'rename track' option above it?

Just a suggestion :)


RE: Naming groups - dwrae - 12-18-2015

Absolutely, good idea!

RE: Naming groups - OldMasterTime - 01-25-2016

Thanks for implementing this in the latest update, works well and much more intuitive.

Much appreciated.