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upnp servers - angstrom - 12-28-2015

Hi, I am absolutely loving this app but having difficulty accessing my NAS (Synology Diskstation). When I select UPNP/DLNA media server UAPP finds the BubbleUPNP servers on my phone and on my tablet but doesn't find the Diskstation Media Server.
I have also tried getting to it via Network, but none of the addresses I enter seem to work. Huh 

Any ideas? thanks in advance!

RE: upnp servers - dwrae - 12-29-2015

If either do not work, I would expect there to be a problem with the NAS or you network. We access our Diskstation daily. You need to enable Samba and UPnP on your diskstation though, please see the user manual for your diskstation.

RE: upnp servers - angstrom - 12-29-2015

All good now - thanks again!