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USB OTG cable for Fiio? - Mike Wick - 01-23-2016

Hi, I'm using a Fiio 17k with Samsung Note 8 or Samsung 3 mini phone. Both get error messages and wont connect. My guess its the usb mini to mini cable, 1/2 meter, I bought from Monoprice. Possible? Which cable should I get, from where? Both devices are on the supported list and running 4.4.2. Otherwise is a powered hub required. Thanks.

RE: USB OTG cable for Fiio? - dwrae - 01-26-2016

You will need an OTG cable, not a simple usb mini to micro cable. So, an OTG cable going from micro-USB to female full-size USB and then a regular USB cable. Note that the s3 mini is does not have USB host enabled so you would need a custom kernel for that to work.