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doesn't record guitar track.. :( - Teobass75 - 02-03-2016

Just bought Audio Evolution and all his add ons (total amount about 14 €).

At first use (3 days ago), I have'nt problems to create a drum pattern and recording an audio track with my bass.

Yesterday I tried to continue this project, but furthers audio tracks not recording: I ear drum pattern, previous bass track recorded and my bass too, but when I record I see the coloured range running, but without any kind of graphic sign. And, obviously, when I play it, no one sound is present.

I tried to change every kind of settings, but it's the same.

I use Irig Ua, Amplil Tube Ua and a Samsung S6 Edge.

Please help me....

RE: doesn't record guitar track.. :( - dwrae - 02-09-2016

Please make sure to connect the UA and start the Amplitube app before running AEM.