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basic gui question - JBG - 03-12-2016

feel a little dumb, but, although I can dictate a playlist or a que, I just want the software to play my entire folder 1000 + trks, in Shuffel no pain, just select the "select all" button, right.  Would love to, But I cannot find such button.  Must I click on all 1000 trks to put them in a "playlist" or "que" ??  Thanks ahead for help : BTW new galaxt S7 no external DAC yet, Looking to obtain the new (to be released) audioquest firefly's Prob the black @ $100 to adjust my learning curve. But anyway the new GS7 ships with Android 6.1. I'm just now using Bluetooth to my home system and using a 64 GB micro mem card.
Love the sound quality even over bluetooth (not using APT-X yet.)