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crash with opus format - alexp2015 - 03-28-2016

With a usb device connected (not 'play through android');
Play any opus encoded file, encoded with the latest opus encoder or older ones.
do a few 'time jumps' within the played file; then android will completely block; only a forced reboot can exit this; sometimes it reboots by itself.

This is a pretty certain way to replicate; in actual play, the phone reboots sometimes under other conditions, but everytime when playing opus encoded files.

Thank you,

RE: crash with opus format - dwrae - 03-29-2016

Ok, could you please send us such file and state which Android device and DAC you are using? Please also try without a DAC. The symptoms you describe sound like a bug that is present in some kernels where not enough DMA-able memory can be allocated which causes a reboot (usually happens on Sony's). Note that apps (or bugs in apps) cannot cause the device to reboot.

RE: crash with opus format - alexp2015 - 03-30-2016

Without DAC, it never crashed.
With DAC, amazingly, it didn't happen when I tried again.
Now I took your comment as a suggestion and installed another kernel; it didn't happen since.
Something remains, though - maybe you could update the opus decoder? Because it never happened with the other formats I've used - dff, dsf, flac, ogg, mp3
It did happen with files converted by me into opus, with foobar2000, and with opus files downloaded from youtube without transcoding.
I am using a Samsung note 3 phone - N9005, hltetmo, with CM12.1 rooted, and no other change.
The USB DAC is LHLabs GeekOut V2

Thank you,