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How to enable DLNA - ducatirider - 04-28-2016


I am new to this forum but have been using Jriver/Jremote for a NAS based system for over a year now.
How do I enable DLNA on the app so I can access my NAS wirelessly?


RE: How to enable DLNA - dwrae - 04-29-2016

Please press the Orange button, then from the top menu select UPnP/DLNA.

RE: How to enable DLNA - ducatirider - 04-29-2016

Thank you. Is there any way to get DSD over DLNA? It seems those files don't show on the menu. The data density for such files may be too much for wireless N though. I am using a Oneplus which does not support external phone storage (no memory slot)

RE: How to enable DLNA - dwrae - 04-30-2016

We have people using DSD over DLNA. We basically just show files that the DLNA server exposes. It's not that we filter them.