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accessing USB stick memories from OTG hub+cable - myhui - 05-01-2016

Has anyone tried accessing USB stick memories plugged into the OTG hub+cable while a DAC is also plugged in? It seems like only one USB device is recognized at a time, so once a DAC is in there, the USB stick memory is not recognized anymore.

Here is the OTG hub+cable I'm using:


I am running OTG checking apps on my Nexus 9, and it says a memory device is attached when the USB stick memory is plugged in. But after I plug in the DAC as well, the memory device goes away.

What I'm trying to do is to use the Nexus 9 as a player, but not for storage. I'll store all files on USB stick memories and plug one of them into the OTG hub+cable while the DAC is also plugged in. But this doesn't seem to work as of now.

RE: accessing USB stick memories from OTG hub+cable - JimBob_SF - 05-11-2016

This is my go-to for multiple devices and it works perfectly. I can plug in an external USB drive and my DragonFly and my Adroid LG G3 get the charge, reads the disk for music, and plays back through the DAC. If a high-end version of this were available, I'd buy it in an instant.