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EQ frequency - espressif - 05-09-2016

Hi all,

I would truly like a more flexible EQ:
  1. Maybe it was not what USB audio Pro was intended for at first, but I frequently use it as a HIFI development tool to spot HP response problems. I would like to have more freq. choices. (like 15 bands min.).
  2. Please, please, disable de "reset all" behavior and place a button with this function. It always shows up in an unattended way.
  3. Allow double tap on a cursor to reset it.

RE: EQ frequency - flangaman - 06-09-2016

I use USB Audio Player PRO also to equalize my experiment on loudspeakers with acoustic lens and wave guide profile.
[Image: lightbulb.png]
For my employment it would be very useful a tag upon every frequency slider to read, and especially to set up, the exact desired value (at lest with a decimal digit).
[Image: biggrin.png]
Furthermore, beyond of my accuracy requirements, you have to consider that the touch of fingers on small 5 inch display is too gross to set up on sliders.

Also I agree with espressif:

1. I would like to have more freq. choices. (at lest 12 bands).
2. The "reset all" is useful but its behavior is dangerous.

It would be useful also:

a. A "reset all" on Balance section and maybe a value display tag.
b. A stereo (or multi channel?) to mono switch (this is most important).

Thanks and congratulation for the realization of this wonderful app and for the assiduos work of improvement.

I use a Terratec Aureon XFIRE8.0HD external sound card with Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-9305) or ASUS MeMO Pad 10 ‏(ME102A koof)‏.