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Number of Volume Steps - brucew - 05-10-2016

The current volume control seems to be 20 steps, whether using the on-screen slider or the phone volume buttons. Is there any way this can be set higher -- 64 steps would be ideal but even 40 or 30 (32) would be better than 20. I'm using an AQ Dragonfly Red with a 64 step digital volume controlled through the player (UAPP) and with a 20 step control, one level is just a bit too low and the next step up is too high.

Samsung Galaxy S4 > Lollipop > UAPP > AQ Dragonfly Red

RE: Number of Volume Steps - dwrae - 05-12-2016

Thanks for your suggestion. The next release will have 40 steps.

RE: Number of Volume Steps - dwrae - 05-12-2016

Actually, we just released 2.6.2 with a preference option where you can switch between 20, 40 and 50 steps.

RE: Number of Volume Steps - brucew - 05-13-2016

Brilliant! That was timely and makes Dragonfly Red a better pairing with UAPP.

RE: Number of Volume Steps - ZeeWolf - 07-01-2017

Actually, a "system default" volume steps setting would be nice to have. Right now I have 20 steps in UAPP and 16 steps in Android, so adjusting volume outside of UAPP gives weird results (zero volume at half the scale etc.).