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Subsonic streaming - jorgen.wallen - 05-19-2016


I have been using UAPP for exactly 2 days and am loving it so far, it really makes my Dragonfly Red sound good on the S7 Edge.

Forgive me if this topic has come up in the past, searching the forum didn't return anything at all so I'm taking my chances:

One thing I'd really hope to see in the future is subsonic streaming support, since I'm nowhere near understanding the complexity of such I can only hope there are more info for developers over at www.subsonic.org

Thank you for a great app and thanks in advance.

RE: Subsonic streaming - dwrae - 05-21-2016

Shouldn't your subsonic server just be visible through UAPP's UPnP/DLNA option?

RE: Subsonic streaming - jorgen.wallen - 05-22-2016

(05-21-2016, 11:37 AM)dwrae Wrote: Shouldn't your subsonic server just be visible through UAPP's UPnP/DLNA option?

Well, technically that will work as long as I'm on local area.
Altough, with a proper subsonic API implementation, we could stream from everywhere.

Link to Subsonic API info:

RE: Subsonic streaming - jorgen.wallen - 08-09-2016

I don't mean to nag, just ask if this feature-suggestion will be considered?

With the UPnP-renderer I can stream trough BubbleUPnP via another server wich in turn still relies on Subsonic for DLNA but the many steps (and requirement for Wi-Fi hotspot) really make it a convoluted process to stream music from my private server over the internet.

I would be glad to pay more for native Subsonic streaming if I had to (like I did for the advanced EQ)..

RE: Subsonic streaming - dwrae - 08-10-2016

I'm afraid it is too much work now for only 1 request out of ten thousands of users.