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Wakelock bug - oloendithas - 06-30-2016


If I deach my USB DAC (iFi Micro iDSD) while UAPP is running/playing, it gets paused, but keeps holding some wakelock until I explicitly exit UAPP with the "back" button.

Even if I personally press pause before disconnecting the DAC, still UAPP keeps holding that wakelock.

RE: Wakelock bug - dwrae - 06-30-2016

Thanks! We'll check it out. Is that after playing from network/WiFi by the way?

RE: Wakelock bug - oloendithas - 06-30-2016

Nope, just playing from SD card.

RE: Wakelock bug - dwrae - 06-30-2016

Ok, we found out indeed that the partial wakelock was not released at pause, thanks for pointing this out.

RE: Wakelock bug - oloendithas - 07-02-2016

Great job. That was fast.