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Tidal Integration - szybki - 07-03-2016

at first - sorry for my english, I'm from Poland.
I've just bought this application at google play on my Samsung Galaxy S4. Unfortunately I cannot login into my Tidal account - UAPP evertime shows "213(..more digits) Unathorized" Error.
I'm sure I'm entering proper login and password...can you help me?
To be honet, listening music from Tidal was the main reason I've bought this app (unfortunately my Galaxy S4 doesn't want to work natively with my Audioquest Dragonfly 1.2)
Any help would be appreciated.

RE: Tidal Integration - szybki - 07-03-2016

Sometimes I'm also getting other error, saying that it couldn't connect to api.tidahifi.com
Of course my internet connection is fine and I can navigate to this address on chrome.

I have "HiFi" subscription. No other device is connected to Tidal.

RE: Tidal Integration - dwrae - 07-05-2016

Dear Piotr,

Please try if clearing the app's data/cache helps.