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Restarting UAPP - ZeeWolf - 07-10-2016

I've encountred a problem:
1. I connect the DAC
2. UAPP starts automatically
3. everything works fine
4. I disconnect the DAC
5. I close UAPP
6. UAPP wont start again (it hangs on blackscreen with title bar), manually or automatically after connecting the DAC again

To run UAPP again I must force close it from Settings->Applications. Swapping steps 4 and 5 gives the same results.

RE: Restarting UAPP - dwrae - 07-10-2016

Please tell us which DAC and Android device you have. Also see what happens if you would wait 1 minute or so.

RE: Restarting UAPP - ZeeWolf - 07-11-2016

Done some more testing. Waited for over 5 mins - no change (black screen with title bar). However I was wrong about steps 4 and 5 - if I close UAPP first and then detach DAC, UAPP starts normally. Problems arise only when I disconnect DAC with UAPP still running ("USB detached!" toast appears): if I try to reconnect the DAC, UAPP won't see it anymore and plays thru Android (option set), or, if I close UAPP it won't start again - just hangs on black screen with title bar.

My device is NavRoad NEXO Smart Duo (from what I've managed to find it's just a rebranded Cube U51GT) on MT8312 chipset, running clean Android 4.2.2 (device has factory root).
My DAC is a standard application of Texas Instruments PCM2704 chip.