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Audio track out of synch w/ Metronome - demizach - 08-13-2016

I'm using the cable that comes with the Rocksmith 2014 game to record guitar on my LG Tab 2. Originally, there was a problem with latency where the recording was behind the metronome track on playback . I was able to adjust the latency, so that the guitar remained in sync with the metronome track for a short 20 second test track. However, upon playing a longer track,  the guitar gradually gets ahead of the metronome by the end of a three or four minute track. This is not down to player error. Any help on resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank

RE: Audio track out of synch w/ Metronome - dwrae - 08-16-2016

The USB audio interface and Android audio system run at a slightly different clock speed, for example 44101Hz and 44099Hz. Over time, this will have the effect you describe. To overcome this, you need a USB audio interface with both input(s) and output(s) such that both input and output use the same clock.