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ALAC Support - 13DoW - 09-16-2016

ALAC support would be a great help. I have a large library of apple lossless files that I would like to copy to my phone and playback with a USB dac. But I cant

I really don't want to convert everything to FLAC and end up keeping two versions of my music. AFAIK, ALAC decoding is no longer proprietary.

Yours expectantly,

RE: ALAC Support - dwrae - 09-16-2016

ALAC is already supported. Have you tried it?

RE: ALAC Support - 13DoW - 09-18-2016

(09-16-2016, 11:33 AM)dwrae Wrote: ALAC is already supported. Have you tried it?

thanks for the reply. I copied an ALAC file from my itunes library and it didn't play in USB Audio Pro. I will try it again but I am travelling at present and it may take a few days.


RE: ALAC Support - dwrae - 09-19-2016

Does it have the .m4a extension?

RE: ALAC Support - 13DoW - 09-27-2016


all is good! I cleared the database and re-scanned and now everything is recognized and plays.