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Closing the Application - ZJS - 11-20-2016

Not sure if anyone noticed, but closing the app via the 'task manager' does not kill it. I have to close it via notifications then it will be stopped. Anyone else having this problem?

RE: Closing the Application - dwrae - 11-20-2016

You close 'activities' with that, the service keeps running until Android decides to kill it.

RE: Closing the Application - ZJS - 11-21-2016

I'm meant any usual app can be closed with the 'task manager' (the square button), but UAPP only stops playing if I close it via notification bar or if I use the back button, which is a little different from any standard app. 

Is there a setting somewhere which I can change to make it close like any other app? It is always confusing when I'm in a hurry to stop the music.

Btw, I realized it doesn't stop playing automatically when I pull out my headphones too. :(

RE: Closing the Application - dwrae - 11-21-2016

It's not possible, because we cannot discern between a close from the activities window and a close of the activity from the Android system for example when the screen turns off, or moving from the UAPP main screen to the preference screen etc, where playback should continue. Apps that do not use a background service can just close, we can't.