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LG G5 / Nougat - gdayton - 12-22-2016

Hi All, 

Once my G5 received the nougat update, I am no longer able to use USB Audio Player Pro without a powered USB hub into my Bryston BDA-2 and BDA-3 DACs. I suspect there is a change in how USB OTG mode operates in N that is outside the control of US Audio Player Pro, but wonder if you have feedback to the contrary. I did find some discussion on this board about a change in permission handling but it was from the developer preview days and didn't see any conclusion noted. Naturally, I'd love to be able to use it without a hub again, so if anyone has further information I'd welcome it. Or, if there is anything I can do to share logs or other information, let me know.

RE: LG G5 / Nougat - dwrae - 12-23-2016

We solved the permission problem with N, which is unrelated to a power issue. Apps cannot control USB power either, so please contact LG.