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DLNA funtionality - osabit - 01-09-2017


so far BubbleUPnP was my favourite music app until i found the USB Audio Player! I'm very exited about this wonderful piece of SW.
The native DAC support is great, i use with a AQ dragonfly 1.2 and everything is working great.

The is only one thing i miss (or have not found the option so far...):

is there a possibility to use the SW as a DLNA controller so that i can stream music from my NAS DLNA server to my denon dnp networkplayer?

This would be great and is the last "small piece" of functionalty to get rid of Bubble and use the USB Audio Player as the swiss army knife for music :-)


RE: DLNA funtionality - dwrae - 01-12-2017

No, UAPP can be a UPnP renderer and can access UPnP servers, but it is not a control point.