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pre-listening files before importing - chrisbagi - 01-15-2017

Hi all,

I have just download Audio Evolution and the app is just awesome, although one hiccup that kinda bugs me
is that, I have noticed that when I load the app up just on my Galaxy Tab A 8.0 with no usb, I can pre listen to the file in the directory and then load it in the audio track. But when I use my usb Roland duo capture ex with it connect to the tablet I can't pre listen to them in the director the media player plays with no sound. But still works when its loaded in the track. Is there a setting or a way to pre-listening files with my Roland usb, wondering if I'm missing something or a setting of some sort.

RE: pre-listening files before importing - dwrae - 01-15-2017

I'm afraid not. There can be only one driver active at a time, so if the Tab A wants to play through USB, it will fail doing that. There is currently also no way to just play any file using our driver, so I'm afraid that you would need to import it.

RE: pre-listening files before importing - chrisbagi - 01-15-2017

Thank you that explains it., all good. I'll just have to lay down drum audio loops without the USB first, then after use the USB when recording.