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Is there a manual for UAPP? - Fi-Wi - 01-26-2017

I just purchased UAPP to use with my Nexus 5/AQ Dragonfly red/Dragontail OTG usb adapter combo but I struggle to find out how to setup the app. For example, what setting do I have to use when I want to listen to Spotify? Is that The setting Orange button/other rado stations? I don't get any sound this way. Is there a specific order to open the apps (first Spotify, the UAPP or vice versa of anther order?

 In short, is there a manual for this app online? 

I googled and searched on this forum but did not fnd any. I am sure this app rocks, but unfortunately it is not of much use to me right now.

RE: Is there a manual for UAPP? - dwrae - 01-27-2017

Unfortunately, there is no user manual. The app's description hopefully made it clear though that this app is and can never be a generic driver. Because of that, you cannot use your USB DAC with our driver outside of the app. So Spotify is not possible.

RE: Is there a manual for UAPP? - Fi-Wi - 01-27-2017

Thanks for your reply dwrae, too bad Spotiy is not possible (yet). So I guess I (and the rest f the world) have to wait for Spotify to make their service compatible with the UAPP driver.

RE: Is there a manual for UAPP? - dwrae - 01-30-2017

No, you would need to wait until they approve our request to permit to use the Spotify service in our app.