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Second SD Card - Bol - 04-18-2017

I just bought the DAP player pioneer xdp-300. It has an internal memory 32gb and two sd card slots with san disk ultra 2x200gb. The player does not see the second sd card as storage location and does not play flacs stored on the second card (through artists,album...). However through album(android DB) I can access the albums stored on the sd card. Other players do recognise the second slot.
Running android 5.1

Thank you


RE: Second SD Card - dwrae - 04-19-2017

If you go to Folders and select the storage card icon on top, how many entries does it display?

RE: Second SD Card - Bol - 04-19-2017


in the application I see the internal storage and one SD card
in the settings of the device I see internal storage and 2 SD cards

The device default application (music) can access both SD cards

USB Audio Player PRO can play songs from the second card but only through the android DB, not through application albums, artists etc


RE: Second SD Card - dwrae - 04-23-2017

Ok, please send an email to info@extreamsd.com. We would need to send you a version with more debugging information.