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Odd behaviour between apps. - Baldy Pevsner - 06-02-2017

I bought AEM to use with my guitar and an iRig HD-A, my device is a Note 5. I downloaded the extream driver and tried to record an audio track. 

The audio always comes out badly distorted and modulated. I have spent a week trying every combination of settings and levels and it is always the same.  I was about to give up when I noticed that extream also do an audio record PRO app,  I bought this and tried it. 

It works flawlessly, perfect recordings of my guitar track everytime. I can boot up audio record PRO and get a perfect recording. Close it, open AEM and get distortion, re-open audio record PRO and get perfection again, as many times as I like. 

Does PRO use a different driver from AEM? If so how can I force AEM to use it? 

I should point out that both programs recognise and use my iRig.