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Amplitude direct recording - brnvrn - 07-12-2017

I plug my guitar directly to a Galaxy tab S2 and use Amplitube free for the sound. 
No IK devices yet, but I might buy the new Pro I/O.
In SoundCloud, I can hear and record Amplitube.
But I did not succeed in AE !  I tried to start in different orders, but still no Amplitube, at best it switches back to a poor straight guitar sound.

Is there a way to record Amplitube in AE ?


RE: Amplitude direct recording - dwrae - 07-12-2017

You cannot record audio from other apps.

RE: Amplitude direct recording - brnvrn - 07-12-2017

Thanks for the quick answer, that is good to know.

Is there any chance to use "IK Multim.." in an FX loop ??
Is there some form of standard like the VST plugins on PC ?
Or would they have to adapt specifically to AE ??

I guess you would have to do some collaboration like with ToneBooster http://www.toneboosters.com/toneboosters-hit-android/ .  Any equivalent going on with IK Multimedia ? or others "guitar" oriented stuff??

Anyway, it would be nice to have some straightforward high-quality guitar amps . (Not fancy Flangers / Phaser / Octaver / Ultra screamer distro ... just some nice warm sounds)


RE: Amplitude direct recording - dwrae - 07-13-2017

No, there are no plug-in standards.
We could ask IK, but usually we hear nothing back when contacting such companies.