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Midi thru 2 Keyboards - Eddie Tavares - 08-09-2017

Hi all,

Would like to share with you guys a particular way i'm using the audio evolution mobile.

[Image: wXSOUW.jpg]

My setup is a Roland XPS10 with only USB midi and a USB only midi controller AMW mini 32P

I use the Audio Evolution App to do a Bridge between the 2 keyboards, when i play on the controller he send midi messages to the synth and works like a module.

This works like a charm, i can play a piano on the Roland and Stirngs on the controller for example.

Just want to share with you guys this use of the app, hope someone like this.

RE: Midi thru 2 Keyboards - Ray007 - 08-23-2017

Thank you for sharing. It will help someone if he is planning to do the same but is not sure if it would work.

RE: Midi thru 2 Keyboards - MSTK - 09-08-2018

I am new to the forum but I've used this app for about a year. I was looking for a way to do some low key live gigging on a midi controller. This was the best app I could find on android to do what I have been trying to do. I will post some video of me layering sounds with this app. I was able to layer 6-7 sounds so far using my Axon 7 and Galaxy Note 9 phones. Nice setup!