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Position of green cursor - deniou - 11-15-2017


I noticed that the green cursor doesn't stay in position after coming back from another window (piano roll editor, or import dialog box,...) if the playback hadn't be plaid from this desired position at least one time... So... when I chose a position on the time line for a sample I want to import and DON'T press play before importing, the sample will be imported to the beginning (bar 1 or a precedent position remembered). It's only one example of annoying situation this issue could cause.

Many things are missing in your app.... But it is the very best one (for mixing, at least) on the market. BRAVVVVOOOO!

D., Android user

RE: Position of green cursor - dwrae - 11-15-2017

Should be solved in 4.6.5 that will be released today. Although we tried many different scenario's, the change could perhaps cause side effects, so please let us know if you find any.