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Support for Acidised Loops - Lp1958 - 08-01-2015


I firstly want to say how much I love AEM.   I think it is incredible what extreamsd have already achieved. 

What for me would be nice would be support for Acidised loops.  I would gladly pay an in-app fee for such functionality.

Keep up with the fantastic work. 


RE: Support for Acidised Loops - allyalla - 10-22-2015

Yes it is good sugestion. To integrate that Acid Pro 6.0 Win functional (play Acid's bitmapped loops format and slider for quick tempo changes).And off course to save mixdown of the tracks as bitmapped loop Acid Pro comparible. So there will appear an ability to decrease the total number of midi tracks and effects required to play the same song - what is cool feature for optimizing mobile device's computing power.