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LG V20 Direct Mode Beta Driver - desnewell - 01-04-2018


I own an LG v20 android phone and have also happily used UAPP for the last few years with other phones and various external DACs. I am aware of the current limitations of Android software that converts all music to 16/48 unless you use the LG music app or root your phone. However, I have read on an Headfi.org thread that eXtream developers have managed to sidestep this limitation with a bespoke driver (below) but that you need to request it on this forum?  

UAPP Hi-Res DIRECT mode driver beta

I have searched for this on the forums so do apologise if this is outlined somewhere else. However, I was wondering whether you could send me the driver and instructions how to install so I can use UAPP and the LG V20 to their full potential?

Many thanks


RE: LG V20 Direct Mode Beta Driver - dwrae - 01-04-2018

Please contact us at info@extreamsd.com