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Mixer not powering up. - TJH132 - 01-23-2018

My main uses for AE in the past have been to record audio from non-digital sources and live streams of concerts.  For this, I have a Lexicon Alpha USB mixer connected to my aging Nexus 10.  I continue to use the N10 because the USB port powers the mixer.  

I have an OTG Y cable purchased from a reputable source and simply cannot get it to power the mixer when used with a newer tablet (Nexus 9).  I have tried a powered hub as well as a wall-wart style charger for power.  When I first plug it in, I get a light on the mixer for two seconds, then it's dead.

When I recently connected everything up, the recording I got from the N10 was severely distorted.  The N10 is also exhibiting the battery issue where it displays 50-60%, but then shuts down, so it won't be around for much longer.

Any ideas to get the mixer powered up?


RE: Mixer not powering up. - unsound - 01-23-2018

What is the configuration of the OTG splitter? Male on one end and male/female on the other?

RE: Mixer not powering up. - TJH132 - 01-24-2018

Yes, female type A on one end and male and female ends on the other side. Looks identical to the one in the USB Audio Recorder notes.