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Error scanning library - KrisObcy - 01-23-2018

Hey. I have a problem with loading files into the library. Scanning stops at 36% and nothing can be done about it. even closing the application does not interrupt this action. only the device restarts to normal, but the next scan attempt is 36%. The files are located on an external USB disk. device is a TV Box Android 4.4. What to do?

RE: Error scanning library - dwrae - 01-25-2018

Ok, please enable logging to file in the app's settings, then start the scan. After it hangs there for a while, exit the app and send the file UAPP.txt from the UAPP folder to info@extreamsd.com, mentioning this thread.

RE: Error scanning library - KrisObcy - 02-11-2018

Hello, I've managed to solve the problem. the reason was the .pls and .m3u files