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External noises - robertodd - 02-05-2018

Hi, I am trying the free software of this application for android. I connected my digital piano  to my smartphone with usb, the app recognises it and the recording is quite good, but all exterior sounds and noises were recorded too. It seems that the recordings are through the microphone and not through usb line in. I cannot find the way to set the app in order to record the piano directly to the smartphone.

RE: External noises - unsound - 02-06-2018

Are you using it as a Midi device?

RE: External noises - dwrae - 02-07-2018

You need to add USB Midi track and arm it prior to recording.

RE: External noises - robertodd - 02-07-2018

Thank you, but Where can I add and arm usb midi track? I can't find it in the menu

RE: External noises - stonemonkey - 02-11-2018

Hit the + button at the bottom right and select 'add USB midi track'

Edit: or you can record the midi data to play instruments from the soundfont by selecting 'add midi instrument track'

RE: External noises - robertodd - 02-12-2018

I have tried, but it's just the same. Every external noise is recorded

RE: External noises - dwrae - 02-15-2018

You need to arm the track first, otherwise a new audio track gets created. Please watch our video tutorials:

RE: External noises - robertodd - 02-16-2018

Ok, thank you