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Version 3.8.5 trouble - Stager - 03-06-2018

Version 3.8.5 no works for me, but 3.8.0 mostly works.
Hardware and base software are same.

In 3.8.5 sound are with a rasp for all settings of a tweaks and buffer size.
In 3.8.0 sound is clear with Tweek for devices with root access, USB tweek 1 and USB tweek 2.

RE: Version 3.8.5 trouble - dwrae - 03-07-2018

Please state which Android device and DAC you are using.

RE: Version 3.8.5 trouble - Stager - 03-07-2018

I'm using MINIX Neo X7 box with Wasser (Android 5.1.1) firmware.
The DAC is China Breeze Audio AK4399 USB DAC.

DAC works "out of box" in Alsa.

RE: Version 3.8.5 trouble - dwrae - 03-10-2018

Please contact us directly at info@extreamsd.com, then we can send you all versions between 3.8.0 and 3.8.5 to see where it went wrong.