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OTG cable to USB-C - TJH132 - 04-21-2018

My phone has a USB-C connector but the OTG cable I use is MicroUSB.  Will one of those inexpensive micro --> USB-C adapter all me to continue to use the OTG cable, or should I start looking for a new one?

A semi-related question:  If I wanted to connect multiple USB audio devices/MIDI devices to my phone, I presume a USB hub would be in order (powered would be preferred?).  At what stage would the OTG cable be connected to the phone?

RE: OTG cable to USB-C - dwrae - 04-21-2018

You need a cable like on the 2nd picture here:

This cable always needs to be connected to your Android device, followed by the USB hub. Note that you can only attach one USB audio interface at a time, although you can use a USB audio + several USB MIDI interfaces.

RE: OTG cable to USB-C - TJH132 - 04-22-2018

Thanks for the input. I've ordered the correct USB-C OTG cable from ebay.