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Kodi and UAPP's UPnP renderer - stef - 05-05-2018

I tried using the UPnP media renderer service of the UAPP, but I have not managed to make it work properly with Kodi. I use the Kodi application as controller, but although it recognizes the UAPP UPnP service it cannot stream properly to it (there is a strange error produced).

On the other hand I tried the Bubble UPnP which it seems to properly handle the UAPP as renderer. Again trying to use the Bubble UPnP as intermediate between Kodi and the UAPP (selecting UAPP as renderer in the Bubble UPnP) it does not work as the Bubble UPnP reverts to his own-local renderer.

Is there a setting I am missing? What should I do in order to use Kodi as UPnP controller and the UAPP as renderer?

Any hint would be greatly  appreciated!